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Path of Exile: What Would Be A Good Shie

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What would be a good shield to use starting wanderer lvl 30 with kb and barrage?Honestly you should go bows till blood aqua anyways but if you're going phys wander at that level then kaltenhalt gives some phys as extra cold and doesn't cost 80c. Also if you want to make sure you have all the best gear take advantage of our great deals as we are the best place to provide PoE orbs buy online.

You can use barrage with a wand so I don't know why you'd use a weapon swap if you were determined to level as a wander. Lightning arrow with stormcloud is better than anything you can do with wands unless you have a really nice rare wand or think gear. You also can't use blink arrow with a wand and your move speed will be pretty slow before you get qotf up and running. The premise is that you have a lot of PoE buy Currency.

KB is also lvl 38 so you're going bows till then anyways. I don't see a point in swapping like 20 levels early, just go to blood aqua and then either grind till 65 for piscators or get a nice rare and some nice Eva gear and qotf at 59 so you can at least kb blood aqua at a reasonable speed.

Kinetict blast is at 28, and barrage is usually much better with bows since they have much more base damage, later on you get jewels and stats that make wand catch up but Kinetict Blast has some insane damage without anything helping it, just in a 4L with Added lightning and Elemental Damage with Attack and GMP you can easily level with any wand.
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Forum » Gast Zone » Bannertausch - Partnerschaft - Toplist » Path of Exile: What Would Be A Good Shie

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