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Nike released new cushioning technology

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As early as last fall, Nike's official investor communication meeting, Nike Epic React cushioning technology used in the field of running shoes Epic React shoes have been exposed, and this is a high-profile new running shoes, officially ushered in the official today release! Nike React's new cushioning is a Boost-like material cushioning technology. It is lightweight and has excellent force feedback data. At the same time, the cost is not high, and the price performance is very good. The hot sale of Hyperdunk 2017 with Nike React relies heavily on this new cushioning technology. What Nike means is that this running innovation brings you the experience of a multi-layer sponge and foam, plus a spring! Although it is a bit exaggerated, this expression seems to be more effective than the words "soft bullet" and "Q bomb". The footwear product Nike Epic React was also officially unveiled today, almost exactly the same as previously shown at the investor communication conference. The entire midsole should be Nike React material. The front and back of the outsole are covered with wear-resistant rubber.

The details of the midsole can be seen as “Nike Epic React”. Compared with the previous built-in method on basketball shoes, this time, like adidas, took the “visualization technology visualization” route, so that consumers can see at a glance what they are on their feet, and feel more direct. More impact. Its slogan is “Instant Go”, just like Hyperdunk 2017, it emphasizes Instant, which means that the feedback is timely and sensitive. With better power feedback than Zoom Air, but with the same sensitivity and precision, lighter weight and lower cost, this is the positioning of Nike React. From the appearance, Boost is a combination of many foam particles, while Nike React is a collection of numerous small elastic fibers, so the overall look is more "integrated" feeling, and may have a larger material shape. space. The upper is still Nike Flyknit woven material, and in the outline and detail design, it also has the shadow of Nike Running traditional running shoes.From the product name, you can also feel that this new product is an upgraded version of Nike Lunar Epic, using Nike React instead of Lunarlon, and the design idea is almost the same.What everyone cares about most is the feeling of the feet and sports experience of this pair of Nike Epic React!

The adidas new shoe type adidas POD-S3.1, which was born in these two days, has just been exposed to social networks, but with the design essence of NMD, EQT and Yeezy, it is naturally equipped with Boost cushioning technology. Player attention! More enthusiastic users will replace the iconic texture of the original Yeezy 350 shoe on the adidas POD-S3.1 shoe. Although it is only the argo_concepts PS, it has a visual effect that makes it more street. Trendy style, the overall effect is really amazing! https://www.cadysport.com
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Forum » Gast Zone » Bewerbung zum Member » Nike released new cushioning technology

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