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Adidas Connor McDavid Jersey

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On Saturday night Phil Simms Jersey , Calgary receiver Juwan Brescacin gave the CFL an early candidate for catch of the year. That same night, on the other side of Alberta, a B.C. Lions defender gave the CFL an early candidate for hit of the year.

A fan ran onto the field during a first-quarter break in the action Kalen Ballage Jersey , and Lions defensive back Marcell Young made a devastating open-field flattening of the man.

The moment instantly reminded some of former Baltimore Colts linebacker Mike Curtis laying out a fan who decided not only to enter the field but also to try to abscond with the ball.

Watch that one closely. The hit from Curtis separated the ball from the hooligan, and the fumble was nonchalantly recovered in the air by an official.

And the message to Canadians isn’t (as some would say), “Hey Andre Branch Jersey , fans, stay off the field, eh” The real message is this: “Give us more of this Stephon Gilmore Jersey , Canada, and we’ll cover your football league more. Eh?”

A man accused of being ejected from a Philadelphia Eagles playoff game because he was intoxicated and didn’t have a ticket and then punching a police horse in the face has been charged with assault.

Police say 22-year-old Taylor Hendricks was turned away from Saturday’s game between the Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons and then approached a mounted police officer and started punching a horse named Nicky in the face, neck and shoulder. Police say some blows landed on the officer’s legs.

Court records indicate Hendricks is charged with aggravated assault Alex McGough Jersey , trespassing and taunting a police animal.

Court records don’t list a defense attorney for Hendricks. A phone number listed in his name rang unanswered Tuesday.

Police say the horse and the officer weren’t injured.

The Eagles won the game 15-10.

Adidas Connor McDavid Jersey
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Forum » Gast Zone » Bewerbung zum Member » Adidas Connor McDavid Jersey

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